Perth, Australia Occidental, 1951 - 1952

Perth, 4th March, 1952








Ladies & Gentlemen.


The purpose of this meeting is to give you an idea about this new Mission we start here in West Australia. When I say “Mission” you don´t have to understand that in the religious idea, but the Mission means a public contact. In reality you have to know that since very old antiquity there has existed in the world a spiritual direction for this world called the Universal Great Brotherhood but we have the Archives only since the last 35,000 years.

Each 2,000 years on each great epoch the Universal Great Brotherhood commences a new Mission, a new contact with the public. It means that each 2,000 years the Universal Great Brotherhood change more or less the manner of approach to the public, and you understand immediately why, because each 2,000 years the psychology of humanity changes. In ancient times people needed a different approach than the people of today. For instance, if we keep only the last great epoch, the last great age, the Piscean Age, means Christian Age if you prefer to call it so - well these last 2,000 years were symbolized by a special philosophy of life, a special philosophy of belief. But today after 2,000 years that the people have tried to materialise the great lesson of Jesus the Christ, “Love you one another”, after this 2,000 years where so many people have tried to have the faith as exemplified by Jesus of Nazareth, today it is different.

IT DOESN´T MEAN we have realised and that we have succeeded with the great teaching of Christ, but we are in a new Age where the people are more critical, more positive, more scientific, and then the logic with the psychology of the New Age is different. The human being of today does not accept more the blind belief. He wants proof, he wants like St. Thomas to touch the mark. Yes, humanity of today wants a religion, a philosophy more in contact, more in keeping with his own faculty. The 20th. century brain has more or less a scientific mind, so we need a scientific approach.

Well, once more the Universal Great Brotherhood have tried to approach, to be in contact with humanity publicly in order to give light on the traditional initiation. So it does not mean that this Mission that we try to start here in Perth is a new conception. In reality it is the old one, the real one, the only one, Unite, reunite, religion from the latin “relega”2 meaning “keep together”. So it is not a new religion, a new philosophy, it is the same traditional lesson given with the new approach, giving more possibility of understanding for the 20th century brain.

Nobody has to change, has to convert himself to something new. He just has to remember the antique lesson. We just have to analyse deeper the human scriptures, we just have to study more our own religion and then completely, naturally, logically we shall make contact one with another, because in the past on the origin all the religions are the same. They have just changed by manifestation because in the different times a great teacher has come always on each great epoch, has symbolised himself in a different part of the world, and what it was necessary to explain three, four, five or ten thousand years ago is not a sufficient explanation today. For instance what is understood by the Hindu, the Chinese is not understood by the Western World. You see that when some investigators of the Hindu religion say that the Hindu worships the cow, but in reality the Hindu does not worship the cow more that the Roman Catholic worship the sheep with the symbolism of Christ with the sheep on His shoulder. The sheep is a very great Symbol. It doesn´t mean that the Catholics worship the sheep. The symbol would take too long to explain just now but it is the same way that the Hindu worships the cow. You see we have a very critical mind in the Western World, people judge too much materially, they like the proof.

We are looking at the other religion with very great prejudice before we went to study, but you have to open your mind, not convert, just study other religions to understand better everything and that other Human Beings are our brothers. So the teaching given today is the same as always, but we try to give an explanation – no more in blind belief, but an explanation, an understanding for the human being of the 20th Century.

I spoke last week on symbolism, I tried to give a little light about the graphics in each philosophy and each religion. For instance, the astrological symbols are very important on each religion as I have shown you before. The Precession of the Equinox in apparent movement in each Constellation, and each 2,000 years giving a new approach we have a new Age of the World. When the Sun was in Gemini we had the Adamic Epoch, the sign of Adam and Eva. When the Sun was in Taurus we had the Age of the Bull, and you understand why in India they still worship the cow, because they have tried to remain as the antique traditional worshipping in the symbol, have in a way spiritualised the matter. It means during 2,000 years when the Sun was in Taurus (the sign of the Bull) it was not a worshipping of the cow, it was only a symbol that the sun was in this constellation, and Bull represents the esoteric teaching that we have understand by the letter. But it was better to do as the Hindu, spiritualise the matter. It means worship on the cow than to do the opposite some races have done. It means they have materialised the spirit and it is for that Moses when he return from Sinai Mount commanded “Don´t worship more the Golden Calf”.

When the Sun was in Aries we have the worship of the Lamb, and it was the epoch where we had to finish with the teaching of the Bull, and then some people to symbolize that the teaching on the Bull was finished have introduced toreadors as in Mexico and Spain for the fighting of the Bull. But today they don´t remember why they have to kill the Bull. Later on the birthday of Jesus of Nazareth we have the Sun coming in the constellation of Pisces, and we find the word ´Fish´ in the Bible many times, and we find everything in the symbolism of the Fish.

On 21st, March 1948 the Sun entered the sign of Aquarius (the point of the vernal equinox). The Sign of Aquarius represents The New Age and we have as the new symbol, the Holy Chalise, The Sacred Vase, the Grail from which is pouring the holy water. It is the symbol of transmutation characteristic of the union between Science and Philosophy, and we see today in Science a little bit more philosophy, and in philosophy a little bit more Science. We start today to study the antique scientifics point of view. For instance when we are thinking about the atomistic force, about the atomic disintegration, relativity of space and time, magnetism and of the scientific explosion, these are not in reality. Now for the Western World, not new for the Eastern World.

We find the problem of the relativity of space and time, trisection of the angle; problem of mathematical and physical, the problem that we regard as something new today, something more advanced in the Western World, but we know in the Eastern World it is not new. We know it is not new for the Eastern World because of the revelations about these subjects in Hindu books thousands and thousands years old. Kapila the great philosopher who lived 3800 years before Christ has written something about the relativity of space and time. [In] The book´s Vaisheshika, Kananda deal with the problem of the relativity of space and time. The Kalpa, distance the atom keeps to go through his own space. It means therefore that if the Hindu has made a unity of times, the Kalpa distance of the atom in his own space, they must know the time and space of the atom and that kalpa exist 25, 30, 35.000 years ago, and we just start to talk about the atom in Western World.

Don´t think that with this little explanation I give you that I try to convert you on Hinduism. I am not Hindu, Brahamin or Buddhist, but the progress in the comfort of the material life that we have made in the Western World has cut the possibility of progress in the spiritual way. It is not a fault, just a fact to consider. All the time taken to perfect the matter and to made more complication of the theory. The Hindu in the meantime has not progressed far materially, but in spiritual subjectivity (in reality) the Hindu finds progress very easy.

If we are thinking only about the Chinese, thousands and thousands of years ago they knew about powder for guns, but they never employed powder for that purpose – they made fireworks. They did not use powder for gunpowder as we have done in the middle ages. In Byzance they discovered the locomotive system – the possibility for locomotion of the engine but they never applied it because they realised it would have many consequences with a possible very bad effect on the minds of the people.

We realise today that with all the conflict etc. we feel we are in a change of epoch, but it does not give us peace. Peace we find more in places where they don´t have the comfort of modern life, railways, radio, aeroplanes – nothing, but they just try to attain perfection in the spiritual way. Only one person has tried in the modern world to do something in this line and that is Mahatma Gandhi. I am not a disciple for Gandhi, I don´t try to explain his teaching of the Ahamsa doctrine, non-aggression, but I just quote the example.

We talk about Astrology and always we have the defect to fail to realise exactly the contact that exists between the Star and the Human Being. Always people have tried very hard to realise how we can be governed by the Star. Well I have to tell you that we are not governed by the Star. In reality we are the Star. Yes, we have to understand this. If you keep a Sun system and if you keep an atom you have exactly the same vibration, and same movement. I am not the first to talk about that. Pascal in his treatise talks of the proton and electron around the atom of the Solar System. We are an extraction, an emanation of these, i.e. we stand between the Macrocosm and the Microcosm.

Well, the Sun and the 7 planets are like the proton with the electron around, and we understand we are at the same time in the progression in emanation to the great from the atom, avatars of a sun system. Just between the Macrocosm and the Microcosm, just between the two effects, because we are in position from one and position from the other. You understand we are composition of atoms, millions of atoms make this physical body, but millions of this physical body make the one. You know we are a composition of mineral salt. Well what are the planets? Composition of mineral salt, and we start to study metabolism in medicine. It means that today we are a composition of metals – are made from portion of a planet, and you remember the quotation from the Bible – God from the salt of the earth have made a body and in the nostril of this body He has placed [scurril]3 - breath giving man his life, First man, Adam. The first man came from the ground. It means we are a part of this planet, and the planet is a part of other planets, from other Stars.

We are not governed by the Stars, we are the Stars themselves. How can we be affected by the Stars? You can understand very easily. A child living with the mother, father and family is not exactly his mother, father and family, but he is affected by the contact with them. What exists in the family is the example for the child. All the friends and enemies of the family are the friends and enemies of the child. When children see discussion, animosity, love, hatred between some members of the family they are affected by the contact, in the same way that the “animosity” between two Stars gives an effect by the contact.

So it doesn’t mean we are governed by those Stars. They don’t impose us to be like themselves. They just give an impulse, and we can change the impulse if we want to. It is not a question to believe or not believe in Astrology. We don’t need to follow the chart, but we can be guided by it. It is the same as the Captain of a ship. He has a chart which indicates to him the currents, the reefs etc. and from this charts he guides his vessel. Well, in the same way the astrological chart gives you the “current of the atmosphere” Tells you were are the rough places for you, the good moment or the accident, but you don’t need to accept it. You just now there is something to escape from if you wish to do so, but you have to move your ship, you have to change the course you have taken.

Well, this way, that in reality is faithand wisdom is the way we can change, change the direction by the two polarities which exist in everyone and whish symbolize this Age, the Aquarian Age. The Water Carrier with the big vase, which in the graphics is represented by the two lines which mean Positive and Negative. It is the Age were Man (the positive) and Woman (the negative) work together, the combination of Science and Philosophy, Faith and Reason Intuition and Analysis, Study and Revelation.

We need to have Faith to change the mountain. With the Faith we don’t have to be under the influence of the planet, with the Faith we can move the hills. “With the Faith you can change the mountain” said Christ. Yes, you can do miracles like Him and more said Jesus of Nazareth. We need to change our ship by knowledge if we don’t have the Faith, and for that the Universal Great Brotherhood each time tries to give those important teachings. How to escape from the Zodiac? How to escape from this Stellar influence? Well, we know we are a composition of the planets. We know each planet has a reflection in our body. We start to learn about the endocrinal glands – medical science is studying today the importance of the endocrinal glands.

We have 7 important glands, and the perfect balance of those 7 glands gives us perfect balance in the physical and psychological life. The psychological effect. The balance or equilibrium of the body is affected by the psychological state.

According to the grey matter, according to the density of the protuberances in the brain it gives as such and such a predisposition and possibility. This endocrinal science that we have in medicine today is in perfect parallel with astrology, but if we study the endocrinal glands we can see the emanation of these glands more or less in contact with some planets.

These 7 glands (Adrenal, Prostatic, Solar Plexum, Cardiac, Pharynx, Cavernous, Pineal Body) these 7 different plexus, 7 different nervous centres are the base of all the comportment that we have in this life. They are exactly the same centres that the Yogis call Chakras, and the great Gurus, Great Sages of Antique India have taught since thirty five or forty five thousand years ago. Yes we have 7 Chakras, 7 centres, those nerve-fluidic centres because they are an amalgamation of nerves, the emanation of which makes a special force, an animal magnetism. We know we have something else, positive physical body, emanation, vibration that gives us sympathy or antipathy, love or hate, contact between one human being and another, healing power and different faculties.

Our glands are exactly in vibration with the planets. It means that if we take one of these plexus and measure the emanation of it, it is exactly the same in the spectography as a planet. Therefore the Plexus giving nervous force and the planet giving vibration are in connection, contact, living together, and each planet of the traditional system is in accord with one of the traditional plexus.

You see we are not governed by the Stars or planets, but are in very near contact one with another and each living together.

The system of Yoga tries to give equilibrium, to Realise the union of the Plexus and the Planet. It means that the man can realise by the concentration and some special exercises, can realise he is part of the oneness, of the world. It means he is YUG which means UNION. Without Yoga it means that when we are searching we don’t quite know what we are searching for. We try to analyse. IF WE CUT SOMETHING we don’t see the inside, we see the outside of the inside. We are cutting, but in reality we are not penetrating, not YUG. We try to assimilate an object, not only to feel, smell or see, but to identify the object. That is the meaning of the word YUG. The day we can interpenetrate not only the planet or plexus but everything in life we have perfect understanding of everything.


The parallel exists between the planets and the human being. Gives us to understand we are part of this great Universe, and it is impossible that some people can be saved and others lost, as is thought in some religions. God, and we have the defect to give God a personality, we put Him in the third person when we say ‘God’ -Well we say God has to be just. He is justice Himself. Everywhere omnipotent- in everything. It is impossible that ‘God’ make a judgment about what is good and what is bad. We must realize we are a part of the Great All. We must identify ourselves and interpenetrate everything in order to realise God in each moment of our Life.

We see better if we study a little bit, if we study a little about Astrology and Yoga. We see better the relationship between the Human Being and the Big Universe. We are just between the Macrocosm and the Microcosm. We have to make the UNION between the two. Have you realised for instance that the heart pumps 650.000 gallons of blood every year? So long as we let the heart go mechanically then we are living materially, then we don’t make a work and that is the reason why we cannot escape from the influence of the planet, from the influence which destroys us. In reality we have to prove on the whole universe if we want to be a perfect creation of God, we have to prove our superiority in showing we are not influenced by Astrology, by the Star, but we can escape from the influence, we can escape from this struggle of life that exists everywhere and which can destroy us for 20, 30 50 or 100 years.

Yes, I have said many times that we have to live for 250 years, and I tell you again for the simple reason that everything in creation has to live 10 times the length of time required for making the skeleton. For instance the long bones of a dog take 1 year therefore the span of life for a dog is 10 years. The elephant 15 years for the skeleton so his life in 150 years, the Human Being 25 years so his life is 250 years. We are not living 250 years generally because we destroy ourselves. We don’t want to escape from the influence of the Stars, from our own influence of the Zodiac in the mind. We are prejudiced about this and that, about race, nationality, religion etc, etc. we don’t want also to REALISE, we destroy ourselves living against the natural low.

The Yogis of India for many centuries have found a method of escaping from this destruction, have found a method whereby they can keep the body in perfect condition. One method is to stop the breathing because the heat created by the function of the lungs gives an excess of work on the blood, and it is for that I have called your attention to the 650.000 gallons the heart has to pump every year. If we can stop not only the lungs, but the systole and diastole (pumping) from the heart we can give rest. That is what we are doing in the caves in Tibet. Stopping the breathing, stopping the heart.

Generally it is not believe in the Western World, but since the last few years in America this experience of rest from breathing has been given in the medical service in America. Dr Brach in 1947, with 14 cases of very advanced tuberculosis tried to stop the breathing of the patients. In some hospitals in America they have a special room as the patients don’t have to breathe. It means the lungs rest during a period of time, very little time of course – but just enough to give the possibility of the lungs to rest in order to create new energy for the cure of tuberculosis. Dr. Brach saved 6 people from the 14 for his first experiment. It was a very nice conclusion.

You can realise if science make a special management to give rest for the lungs, what is the possibility with the Yoga system. Yoga does not need a special apparatus, does not need to wait for T.B. but gives to everybody a system of natural law to give better balance of the body which gives a new psychology.

A further experiment carried out in Rome in 1949, gave the possibility with certain friction to see through a wall - like television. I am talking about medical experience, scientific fact in 1947 and 1949. Well these experiences, little by little, month by month, every year makes an advancement, but in Reality what they try to do is to form YUG, that teaching of thousands and thousands of years ago. They come back on the YUG system, giving us the possibility of living in perfect Harmony.

You have to remember that to be a Yogi you don’t have to be a Hindu. A Yogi is not a special Indian. Yogis lived before the people of India. India is the last spot where Yoga remains in the 20th century. Yoga does not mean Hindu philosophy. Not more Eastern than Western. Yoga is not a cult, not a religion, not a worship. It is a physical-psychological system. It is a method that gives you a possibility to physically and psychically accomplish a perfect mastering of the body and mind. We realise in the mastering of the body and mind we can really change the world and there we come on the great fact in the “Psychology of the New Age”. The benefit of the individual to give his service for this New World.

You have read I am sure the prophecy of the Pyramid. You have read we are in the end of time. It is not the end of time but the end of one epoch. Still the destruction i.e. possible not only because of the atomic bomb but because the human being of today in living so far from the natural law. We understand this perturbation of humanity can make a disturbing vibration in the universe, and by this vibration there can be created a desintegration of vibration from another zodiacal constellation which could destroy our planet.

Yes, the planet can be destroyed if the people does not realise the mission they have to accomplish. I don’t want to be a pessimist and proclaim that the planet will be destroyed. I believe in humanity. The U. G. B. will be no more an institution by name, but by fact. We begin to establish the Universal Great Brotherhood in Perth because Perth is a very important spot. People have been training here since last year for the work they have to do for the future, and if I come back in Perth again this year, it is for a reason.

I like to call your attention to the 30 degree parallel north. In Mexico a long time ago, there was a very magnetic spot of great spiritual importance. Still today there remain some temples.

30 degree North, Canary Islands, (the most northerly). Here are some secret Temples from Atlantis, and it is here that live people who speak a language of their own, not understood, but surmised to be from the Atlantean era. Though not Mongolian, it is very like it and contains 19 declinations.

30 degrees north, Cairo, the secret of the Pyramids. Underground temples between the Pyramid and Sphinx where the real initiations took place.

30 degrees North, Lha-Sa, (Capital of Tibet). There are two very important holy buildings. Palace of the Dalai-Lama, the Po-pa-la4 built in the rock, - eight or nine floors, but underneath the palace is the secret temple. The monastery where lives 25,000 monks who repeat a special vibration during 24 hours.

30 degrees North, Ganges Island, (North Pacific). Very important not because of the sacred association of the name, but because we find still some very important temples underground, maybe from the time of the Mu continent, 100,000 or 200,000 million years ago.

You see these 5 important spots are all on the same line. Well, I give you that just for your meditation, and I ask you to remember to look now on the 30 degrees parallel South. Very near is the city of Perth in Western Australia.

The traditional force, the electro magnetic place of the world is changing; it changes on each great epoch, and the electro dynamic force of each spot makes the attraction of the Yogis, the Rishis, the Mahatmas, the great Sages of the world who have the spiritual direction of the world.

In each great epoch we have such a sanctuary in different parts of the world. Tibet was the sanctuary of the last epoch. Today we have the sanctuary in South America, and the next civilization shall be in Australia.

People willing or not, it must be so.

I hope you shall be from the vanguard to establish the spiritual direction of the world. The first missionaries for the new civilization of the World.


1National Library of Australia

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