Perth, Australia Occidental, 1951 - 1952

Perth, 25th February, 1952





I remember what I told you in my article last year about Atlantis. I gave some geographic information and finished by telling of a very big prophecy in different countries about the shape of the sea bed. It says that when the bed of the Atlantic moves, it is getting very near the end of our Planet or maybe of the present Continents because Atlantis is coming back above the water.

For ten years the bed of the bed of the Atlantic has been moving 30 c.m. per year. Well we come there again. Some people prophesy tomorrow; or after tomorrow maybe the end of the world. Some say like Miss Nagel tell you, in 200 years or so.

This problem about the end of the World is not a new one.

Some people say the world will finish by fire or by water. Some tell us the Earth in moving 20 K.M. per second. De la Ferrière says 33 K.M. per second. The earth is going in the direction of the Constellation Hercule, and we are heading for a crash with the Star Vega. What will happen tomorrow? The day after tomorrow? Don’t worry about that. Before it comes it takes 350.000 years.

So everyone is looking to see the end of this world, of this planet. Is this the reason that we are afraid in ourselves? Maybe it is an inferiority complex. We escape from the Reality that we are a part of the Great Body, we think about our physical body as being separate from this Great Body that we call God or the Universe, and thus we make a problem. We are the atom, the cell of that Great Body and because we are the atom or the cell we are indestructible, so why should we go and make a problem about the end of the world? We are as indestructible as the atom itself. We just change from one place or form and go to make another vibration. So why worry about the end of the world, about the end of Atlantis? When we know we are eternal because we are Spirit, we don’t mind about the end of the world. But some people don’t believe so much about the Spirit as about the Matter and they are afraid because they are going to lose the personality, the form. So long as we believe in the body, in the personality, then we must worry, and we must study more and more science. Study more and more in order to take some precaution so we shall know where to go to make ourselves safe.

But if we don’t want enjoyment in this life because we don’t believe the physical life, then we don’t need to worry any more. We know we are Spirit - eternal- and all the work must be done in this line.

The teachings given in Atlantis were spiritual, and though Atlantis has submerged, still the teachings are preserved. Never was Atlantis completely submerged. Never is any Continent completely submerged. Always there remains some spot in the world. Also like Miss Nagel tells you, there are still some Atlantis people on this planet today. One quarter of the race is Mongolian, the descendents of the Atlantis people. It is for that that the real wisdom comes from these places, because these people were the people to escape from the submergence of Atlantis. They were the Initiates and they established themselves in some place where still there was some earth after Atlantis submerged. The descendants of Atlantis are the Mongolian people of today. We say that the Mongolian people of today are the degenerate of Atlantis. Still they have a part of this other Wisdom. We can see the Chinese and how philosophic they are.

Just this afternoon Mrs. Roberts told me of a Frenchman on the broadcast who tells of his time in India. He said that he had been in India 12-15 years and that he wanted to go back. When asked why he wanted to go back, and asked if the Hindu is in reality in a better way of life, he replied that in the practical way they are not more happy, but in the quality of life the Hindu has realized better what he is, and he feels better, more peaceful with little things that he has, and not restless like ourselves with all our conveniences and comfort.

So you see they are in the REALISATION. Wisdom comes really from there. They are not practical because of the practical understanding which went down with the submergence of Atlantis. They have the synthesis only, - the little that escaped, but still the degenerate Atlantis people have received the wisdom. You are going to understand that immediately by the life.

In Cuzcos1, South America, in Peru, there was a very great centre of spirituality. One of the Spiritual spots of the world; 75.000 years ago the Inca civilisation2. People die, the civilization 75.000 years ago the Inca civilization. People die, the civilisation is finished, and the Spanish find South America,-find the degenerate civilisation. But still you know the story of these conquerors.

They asked the chief of the Incas to fill a room with gold because they wanted to know if there was so much gold and they wanted to see where they got it all from. Well, the Inca people filled the room with gold but still the Spanish did not see from where came the gold. People came from the hills and the Spanish did not see from where they came. Then the Spanish tried to find the way. They found a big circle of mountains and there they disappeared. They tried to go in a little door between the crevasse and they never came back. In 1910 the last investigators, (four in number), from America, have tried to find in the Andes from where they supposed all the gold of the Incas came. They, too, never came back.

Then the government of Peru cemented the door. So still the mystery of the gold from the Incas resists discovery.

In am very glad to give you documentation that the Aquarian Mission, Peru Sector, have bought a property since last year. Three months age when Jose Manuel Estrada was in Peru, he was told that in Lima we have enough money to establish the Temple of Cuzcos like 75.000 years ago.

Well, to come to the feat that I want to give you, the Temple in Cuzcos is only a vestige of a Temple, - just stones and inscription.

On the Temple in Cuzcos in the time of the College of Initiation there was water on the top of the hill. We have the line of the water and we are trying to find from where the water came. It evidently came from the river. The Temple is 1000 metres´ altitude over the river, and still they got the water from the river. We have found the stone channelssand3 the wheels but still we don`t know the mechanism to bring the water from the river to the Temple.

Just to understand that in the very old times they know a lot of what we were ignorant 200 or 300 year age. It was very well-known maybe 200.000 or 300.000 years ago.

The history of humanity is always the same. 500 years age we did not know the meaning of electricity, yet 50.000 years age they know it. The inventor of the Lightning conductor, Benjamin Franklin, -that is not so long ago- but how explain that the Pyramid in Egypt had a lightning conductor 4.000 years before Christ. So you see there were things a long, long time ago that they know.

Then we lose, thon we discover. But I always say there is no discovering, only re-discovering.

Well, today we have some of these very great places of Initiation from Atlantis. Just vestiges in the Desert of Gobi, Karakorum, Shantung4 Plateau in Tibet. Yes, there in Tibet, there were still some great initiatic places where the people could receive the traditional teaching from the Masters. Never is the teaching completely destroyed; always a few people remain to protect the real initiations, -the Truth. And so from Master to Disciple, from Disciple who becomes Master to other Disciple, and so on. Always it is so. Everybody is a Disciple and everybody is a Master. Tradition is given from mouth to ear.

Everything you write down, all the books you find, are only keys which can be destroyed, but the teaching cannot be destroyed. It is the traditional teaching given in the College of Initiation. It is for that everyone has to come to the College of Initiation. Everyone who wants the Truth must have a Guide, a Guru, a Master. People who escape and have their dreams, have imagination but never receive a word of the Truth, for only from the Guru is the last word of Truth received.

Jesus of Nazareth received his Initiation from his Master. He was called the Son of God, the Christ, and still he was obliged to go to the Temple to receive Initiation.

At 12 years of age he was talking with the Doctor. It does not mean he was 12 years of age, but it is a symbol to tell his degree of Initiation. The Doctor was one of the 24 Ancients.

Each one has to follow the tradition. Each one has to regain in this line. We are part of the Great Universal Body. We have to understand, to incorporate one in another. Unify, identify ourselves. But if we have knowledge we can more quickly reach the line of reintegration in the Great All. Everybody has to come there. Everybody shall be saved, I know, but we must make the Way shorter. Why do all the corners when you can do the straight line? Do the corner by all means if you wish.

But be YUG. Keep the TAU, (path of Initiation), be really YUG. Religion means re-unite, (ligare = bind). Don’t take Yoga like a special philosophy. It is a system, a Method, a real example of Life. Otherwise everything is Illusion, Maya, History or Mythology.

Life is not only physical. There exists something besides your physical body. You have to realize you are this Supreme Vibration to unite yourself with that and then realise5 that everything else is Maya. Try to be in Samadhi - it means complete abnegation of yourself. To live in the Impersonal Self – impersonal service- forgot the personality.

Samadhi is the only real experience of this life; to understand Life in the complete understanding of the Eternal Life.

Life, Form and Thought, - the Supreme Theology6 , - Father, Son and Holy Spirit.



Just for your documentation. . . Jose Manuel Estrada has been presented by the Sector of Lima, Peru with a vase with the Aquarian Symbol from 2.000 years before Christ. It was found in the Temples in Peru.

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