Perth, Western Australia, 1951 - 1952

Perth,19th April, 1951


Thursday, April 19th 1951.College of Initiation.

The Two Great Types of Civilisation in America.

1.-Courant Oriental and Floridian.

2. - Occidental Courant & Californian.

a.-Flat front to make likeness of serpent (Mother with mirror on child´s eyes)

a.-Head right.

b. – Peoples:-



b. – Peoples:-



c.-Autocracy:-Superiority of Male



c:-Gynecocracy: - Preponderance of Female principle


d.-Numbers: - 3, 5

Birds with coloured feathers.

Sacred Fire by the Ray of the Sun

d. – Numbers: - 2, 4

Birds with dark feathers.

Sacred Fire by Friction.

e. - Government. - Theocratic


e.- Government.- Military Monarchy

Noble Caste

The Philosophy. (never touched). Mythology and Religion from America:-

Here exists one of the most antique religions and so old as to be too complex for our minds.

1. - The Eastern Civilization:-

a.- The Flat foreheads;- The Mother put a little mirror so that the boy looks into it and has his eyes crossed; the forehead is beand to make the front look like a serpent, because this is their Symbol.

b.- The XIBALBAIDES.-Reference made to them as being colony of Atlantis. (Ref. Article in The Guardian).

The MAYAS – Exist before Spanish find, 25.000 years ago. The Spanish found the degenerate descendants of them. (Ref. in Guatemala and Honduras, still the MAYAS type: skin copper, wrist small, hands fat and big, - Ref. J. V. Mejias a fine type of the MAYAS, but a little of INCAS.).

c. - Autocracy:- i.e. superiority of the Male. (Ref. in each Religion, SEX is the base of each religion, ie Christianism is a SEX Symbol camouflaged S X is the Symbol of Life, of Regeneration; thus it is an Emblem of the History of Humanity. Thus the PHALLIC (Male) CULT, (emblem of the sex of men). Ref. Vishnu in the Temple of India, (male).

d.- The Numbers are 3 and 5 ie Masculine, (Ref. Christian religion, symbol of 3, ie a PHALLIC religion. Thus women can’t preach, make ceremony of the Mass. Ref. 3 - Father, Son, Holy Ghost.

In America, the Symbol is the Bird, (Ref. Egypt – Ibis), for birds fly in the sky, i.e. Evolution of the Soul.

Covered in coloured feathers, strong green, blue, red. The QUETZAL is a bird very like the bird of Paradise, but the Paradise goes UP, and the Quetzal goes DOWN. The Quetzal, (Guatemala, is one of their coins, and equals one dollar.

The Sacred Fire made from Sun’s ray in a mirror. (Ref. in America, the wick of the candle is just at the door of the Temple to catch the Midday ray of the Sun when lighting. Ref. Notre Dame, at noon the Sun over centre of Altar when Chalice is being placed there. Ref. Zoroaster and Parsee religion has the Fire also).

Government: - Theocratic is “Theos”, Greek for “God “. Thus the Priesthood the chief of the country.

2.-The Western Civilisation:-

a. - Head is right up. i.e. conical.

laced between two pieces of wood lined with cotton, (Ref. Central Africa, where we still find the same idea. The people in French Africa try to get
long neck, i.e. Giraffe is a Symbol.

b.-The QUICHES – Central America, most important today, QUICHES-MAYAS and MAYAS.

The AZTEC have a Round of the Zodiac, one of the most antique. (Ref. Mexico in the Sanctuary, a Great Aztec Calendar in Hieroglyph! Ref. writing from the MAYAS… This is more antique than Babylon or Arabia.

c.-Gynecocracy: - (female organ); CTEÏC CULT (scientific name of the sex of women.

d.- Numbers:- 2 and 4. Ref Ovaries.

Symbol of the bird with dark colours.

Sacred Fire by Friction with 2 stones or some kind of very hard wood. (Ref. iron wood, (India), from 2nd Epoch of this Planet.

Government:- Military Monarchy, Noble Caste, no Priest, but soldier.

Thursday, April 19th 1951.The College of Initiation. Continued.

19 Tribes and 3 Descendants of the QUICHES:








(Heaven’s heart)

  1. BITOL


  3. ALOM




(father of NIJAIBAPS)






Rough view of mythology (Religion) of MAYAS-QUICHES:

Like the Christians believe in Adam and Eve, they be-

lieve in Ixpiyacoc – Ixmacame. From these two forces, (for in MAYAS religion they were Divinities in Heaven),

come 7 AHPU, (7 traditional planets). From these 7, (note: They are very scientific for they base all belief on Nature), comes the Virgin, IXQUIC, She has a son, HANAHPU. And because she has a son, the parents ask, ‘with whom?’. Her reply, ‘a Virgin, no male‘.

Thus she is repudiated by parents (2 Divinities).

So she cries in the country and a big tree in wich the 7 AHPU were, (ie 7 cocoanut faces). She touches each, and from each comes a little drop. The tree says she will have a daughter, - a sister of HANAHPU, to give proof that she can remain Virgin and have children without man. Thus the daughter, IXBALAMQUE. And from these comes the regeneration of the race.

CABAHUIL, heart of the sky , is the natural Prana, who has 4 sons:

BITOL, TZAKOL, ALOM, CAJOLOM, each a colour, each a genie of one Cardinal Point, North, South, East, West.

Thus CABAHUIL is Pranic Force of the Cosmos, and these four are genies in each way.

Read POPOL-VUH, (pronounced, ‘BUH’ ie in MAYAS the V is B. This is the Bible of the people. c/f the Gita, Bible, Talmud, Koran - all four are only books of stories. The Religion is not found in the Bible.

Other books are necessary for Theology, (Ref. Vedas, and Upanishads of India, the Torah for the Jew, etc.)

Thus the POPOL–VUH is a story based on belief of the MAYAS–QUICHES.

BALAM-ACAP father of the tribe NIJAIBAPS

BALM–QUITZI, father of the tribe GAGUEKS.

MAJUCUTAJ, father of the tribe, AHAU–QUICHI.

IQUI-BALAM, no descendants.

Thus, in MAYAS-QUICHES, there are 19 tribes and 3 descendants of the QUICHES. Note:- These can be Symbolic, they can be real.

In all this documentation one may find the underlying truth. To go deep into a Religion, one must make the parallels, must know and explain one against the other. This is the only way to catch the reality of the basic thought of each Religion. Ref. ceremony with one candle for element fire, being altered by lavishness of the wealthy. Time and Ritual have changed the one basic understanding into 300 different religions.

Ref. the picture of the BUDDHA:-

In Chinese depicted with big stomach, rich and important

In India, the little Buddhas from Benares are slim, for he is a YOGI.

In Tibet, Buddha has eyes so, for he is a little Tibetan.

Ref. The Virgin depicted in the colour of the people, ie a Red Virgin, a Black Virgin.

Note: we all make God in our Image. But in each case that which we need is a Matrice, (Matrix), of the life. Maria comes from Master. Thus, Maria is Matrice of the life, is Matrice of the World.

Thus every woman can be in reality, the Virgin-Matrice; every man a Christ. We put the Divine in our likeness, but it is we, (our Astral bodies), who are the Temple of God.

The Physical Body is an emanation of the Astral, which is a Projection of the Spirit. The Spirit exists a supreme vibration from the Great All.

It is necessary to study both sides and to make a Synthesis.