Perth, Western Australia, 1951 – 1952

Perth, 29th March, 1951


Thursday March 29th 1951

The NEW AGE is due to the Astronomical Phenomenon, called the EQUINOCTIAL PRECESSION. Every 2.160 years the SUN enters another Constellation. This causes a change of POLARITY both Geographical and in the Human Body.

The SUN in Gemini gave the Epoch of Adam and Eve. (The Twins).

The SUN in Taurus gave the Epoch of The Bull: (Assyria – The Flying Bull: Egypt – the Apis, sacred Black Bull of Memphis).

The SUN in Aries gave the Epoch of the Lamb. (Moses back from Sinai says, ‘no more the Golden Calf’. Thus the Sacrifice of the Lamb).

The SUN enters Pisces at the birth (exact) of Jesus of Nazareth. [212 BC]. Thus the Symbol of the FISH in Christian teaching.

The SUN entered Aquarius 21st March 1948. Thus we are now in the ACUARIAN AGE. Ref. Matt. 24 v 30. The Sign of the SON of MAN is the water- carrier. (ref. 2nd Coming of Christ).

Thus the Electro-magnetism of this New Age makes for us a New Faculty in the development of the Human Being.


The Theory of the CHAKRAS, (7 Endocrinal Glands), though very old in the EAST is new in the WEST. The Glands go beyond the Physical and touch the Psychological.

The 7 CHAKRAS have the same emanation as the 7 Endocrinal Glands.

Each Gland is in contact with a PLANET. It is a matter of Vibration. (see Diagram B).

Thus in this New Age we come under a New Planetary influence which gives New Possibilities.

The Two Basic Teachings in all Philosophy: YOGA and ASTROLOGY.

1. Yoga (YUG in Sanscrit) means UNION or identification. A Yogi never judges; he endeavours to realise. For equilibrium between Jivatma (microcosm), and Paratma (macrocosm), we must be UNIVERSAL MAN, the five-pointed Star.

2. Astrology is the basis of all Mythology. The 12 disciples and the 12 Signs of Zodiac. The 4 animals of Revelations and the 4 Fixed Constellations, (Lion, Bull, Scorpion, Water-carrier). The 7 Spirits of God and the 7 Planets, etc.

Each Sign has a Planet ‘in Residence’, ie in vibrational harmony. Of course the Planets don’t stay in their Signs, but when they are there, they express themselves more harmoniously. (see Diagram A for Constellations, Signs and

Planets in Residence).


Notes on Planets in Residence:

MERCURY has two Houses. Being the Planet of MONEY, it can afford this.

VENUS, Planet of LOVE, has everything, even two Houses.

MARS, Planet of WAR, is not liked. Thus is put out of its 2nd House, which was given to PLUTO, (discovered 1930).

SATURN lost its 2nd House to URANUS, discovered by Herschel 1781.

JUPITER lost its 2nd House to NEPTUNE, (discovered by French Astronomer, Leverrier 1846).


The FOUR important Elements we need but fight against:

1. FIRE – temperature, (body heat, dynamic, willing, to DO.

    1. EARTH – Volume, (skeleton), concrete, objective, realisation of PLANS.

    2. AIR – atmosphere, (lungs), helps us to go on to our GOAL, though always two aspects, for and against. Note that all AIR Signs are double, ie

4. WATER – the OBSTACLE, the Ocean, (blood). an abundant supply.


Each element is in TRINE (good aspect) with its own Signs.

Here begins SYMBOLISM:

The Microcosm and Macrocosm in Perfect EQUILIBRIUM.

The SEAL of SOLOMON, Symbol of the WISDOM.