Perth, Australia Occidental, 1951 - 1952

Rangoon, 19th of September 1950

The following is the beginning of the talk delivered by Dr. Serge Raynaud de la Ferrière, Regent of the Universal Great Brotherhood at the first meeting of the Rangoon Branch of the Universal Great Brotherhood, on the 19th September 1950 at 5.30 P.M.

I wish you to understand that this is not a class on occultism, symbolism, and such like subjects. It is not possible for me to have a class on any subject, because I am not going to stay here long, as I am only passing through Burma for another country.

We do not know from where we have come, why we are here and where we are going. If a man knows these three things, then he knows everything.

There are different concepts about from where we have come. One concept is that we are composed of seven different bodies coming from 7 different planets. But to know one concept is not sufficient. So long as we have one label, such as Mason, Buddhist, Hindu, Christian, we can only have one particular concept concerned, and not all conceptions of it. But that is the way and that is the key. We have to follow this traditional path; and this is the path followed by the initiate school.

What I am going to tell you today is not exactly the TRUTH; it is not possible to give the light immediately; you have to go very slowly. It is only the different concepts that I am going to give you today.

From the beginning of the world there existed a group of initiates or masters. I am not speaking of the masters of the astral plane, I am speaking of those who existed in the physical plane. In the beginning of the world the first idea was to form into a group. In the beginning of the world there were not such problems as we have today; there were no problems such as earning a livelihood and so on. Hence they could devote more time for study.

You must admit that you must come from somewhere, from God or from atom or from anywhere. So, the first people who have come from the original and who were adepts were so very near the original source that they had all knowledge. Gradually as time advanced this knowledge was only hold by the initiates. These initiates gave the knowledge stage by stage. Every two thousand years, the disciples of the first initiated masters, come to the Earth to teach humanity. So in every two thousand years humanity receives a new mission from a group of people so that the traditional Truth may not be forgotten.

A new group has now been started for such purpose. It started in 1947 and is known as the Aquarian Mission. We receive the firs teachings of the masters in this group. You must understand you do not come to this group out of curiosity. It is not a new philosophy that we are going to teach. What is required is the application of knowledge gained by studies. We learned so that we may be able to teach others. We can thus gradually bring all humanity in one brotherhood without distinction of religion, sex or color. Everybody will be taught to be able to teach in turn and if possible we will teach the animals as well. Everybody in the human plane is the same, the only difference is in vibration.

In the beginning there was an idea, and this idea was put into writing. The first people wrote from bottom upwards. This is known as the BOUSTROPHEDON writing. These were used by the Ka-o-mo-als, one of the first Negro races. Then we have people writing from top to bottom. These are the Asiatic writings of the Mongols, the Chinese. Then we have people who write from the right to left. These are Semitic races, such as the Hebrews, Assyrians, Iranians, etc.

They write from the east to the west because they think knowledge comes from the east in the same way as the sun which rises in the east. Then we have the Occidental people who write from the left from the right. So, you see the black skinned race, the yellow skinned race, the Semetic race and the white skinned race all meeting together in the form of a cross. So you see that the symbol of the cross is not something new, or something Christian. This symbol existed 25.000 years ago in the MAYA civilization. We see this symbol in the north of India, in the Himalayas, and elsewhere.

Then we have the concept of the positive and the negative, the masculinity and the femininity. In the Hindu religion they have the lingam as the positive sign and the yoni as the negative sign. It teaches us that nothing can be born without the two polarities. Human beings are born with the force of man and woman. The light of electricity comes from the positive and the negative poles. The two polarities in science and religion are the same. The cross is not the sign of Jesus of Nazareth only. It shows Purusha and Prakriti of the Hindu philosophy also.

In this cross, I have shown the arrow heads to give you an idea of the four different races, the four different symbols and the four different writings. They all converge on one center. In that is the ancient mystery, the traditional initiation.

There are four elements in everything, fire, water, air and earth. These are the four physical elements. We then have the ethereal and other forms. We find these four elements in this cross. We see also the symbol of these elements.

The symbol of water is the triangle.

It is represented by


The air is represented by the triangle

which is shown as


The symbol of fire is the triangle with its point to the top

and is represented by


The symbol of the earth is the triangle with a line across.

It is represented by


The Boustrophedon writing is a symbol of the black race (Bull Age). In opposition to it we find the writing of the Mongol, the Chinese race. (It was in the time of the Scorpio Age). The Semitic is the Lion Age and the occidental the Aquarian Age (to know, to will, to dare and to keep silence).

What is the conception of the macrocosm? What is the Zodiac?

There are different conceptions about the beginning of the universe. According to astronomy, in the beginning there was a big mass of fire. From this fire sprang out sparks of itself due to movement. This turned round and little by little it cooled down. This is the origin of the planets and the stars moving around the sun which is in the center of the universe. Around it we can see Mercury which makes a revolution round the Sun in 88 days. The Venus makes a round in 224 days, the Earth in 365 days, the Mars in 687 days, Jupiter 11 years, Saturn in 30 years, Urano in 84 years, Neptune in 164 years, and then Pluto the last planet of our Sun system, in 246 years. So round the Sun these planets are always revolving round the planets are also satellites, like the Moon of the Earth. The moon takes 28 days to make a round of our world. Some planets have more than one moon, for instance Uranus have five moons, Jupiter 5, Mars 2, Saturn 10, Neptune one moon so big.

A “constellation” means an amalgamation of stars. Thousands of stars make one constellation. There are many constellations in the universe, but there are 12 constellations more important to us than the others. They are Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Cappricornus, Aquarius, Pisces. The signs are, ram, bull, twins, crab, lion, virgin, balance or scales, scorpion, archer, capricorn or goat, water career* an fishes. These 12 constellations make the Zodiac. “Zodiac” means animal round.

We know that the sun is the center of the universe. When the Earth goes round the Sun it appears that the Sun goes round the Earth. So when we say that the Sun is in the Virgo, we understand that the Earth is in the Aquarius. If we look from the center of the universe (the sun), then we look in the heliocentric way, and if we look from this planet, it is in the geocentric way.

In this planet our Earth 7 parts are composed of water and 3 of earth. There are 4 elements, and 3 times 4 elements makes 12 signs of the zodiac.


The Doctor went on explaining the Chakras and the interconnections with the Zodiac, etc.

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