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The Magic of Wisdom

We are pleased to make available for our readers the series of lectures known as The Magic of Wisdom

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The Great Messages

We are pleased to make available for our readers the first of our deliveries of the Works of the Maestre Serge Raynaud de la Ferrière in a language other than Spanish.

In this occasion we present you the V Message of the Series "The Great Messages": "Mysticism in the XX Century".

The version we are using is the same that the very own Maestre edited in Australia in 1951 and was published by Paterson Brokensha PTY. LTD., Perth, Western Australia, being a faithful copy (scanned) of that book.

We have preferred to use that version, even though as the Spanish edition of the Psychological Propositions (Imprimerie Meyerbeer) contains many French-styled constructions and grammatical errors that we hope you can understand and forgive, only to remain close to the spirit and expression of the Maestre.

We look forward in the future, and with your collaboration, to correct the mistakes found in this and in other works that we make available, always focusing in being close to the original expression, for this reason always the Spanish translations will be a priority reference, as it was the Maestre's explicit will and because of the work accomplished by the Spanish translator and General Coordinator of the Literature

Also we would like to announce that, prior to solve some technical issues, an English translation of "Yug, Yoga, Yogism" (The VII Message) will become available together with a Swedish translation of the same book that generous visitors, friends and researchers of this website have sent to us.

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